Q I brush and floss my teeth everyday, my teeth don't hurt. Do I still have to go to the Dentist?


You still have to go to the Dentist even with healthy eating habits and good oral hygiene practices.  There are food particles that get pushed under your gum and between your teeth each time you eat.

After a while you will not be able to remove the food debris which became calcified. At that point you will require professional dental cleaning to remove the calculus.

If the calculus or tartar build up remain beneath the gum, this may result in gum disease and possible cavities beneath the gum.

It is good to go to the Dentist for a Dental examination at least once every six months. The Dentist will determine what treatment you need based on a thorough exam which may include dental X-rays.


Q I was told that Amalgam fillings have mercury, so I started to change the old amalgam fillings in my mouth. Recently I was told that my composite fillings contain BPA(Bisphenol A). How harmful are BPA fillings and should I be worried about them?



Emerging evidence has suggested, but does not prove, that BPA can have harmful effects on human health, particularly on the development of a child . 

Dental sealants and fillings don't contain BPA, but many of them contain compounds that turn into BPA when they come in contact with saliva and remain in the saliva up to 3 hours after the dental procedure. ..

It is important for the Dentist to take the necessary precautions during the procedure and allow you to rinse your mouth thoroughly after..

It is not yet proven or made clear whether this poses a health risk or not.. You can consult with your Dentist for an explanation as it relates to your concern about BPA fillings.


Q  Can teeth whitening strips be used by children?
Some whitening strips are not to be used by children under the age of 12 and there some whitening strips that are not recommend for use by children under 18.
Q I brush my teeth everyday, why should I bother to floss?



Dental flossing is a key component when considering the prevention of gum disease and cavities between the teeth. The food debris and toxins from bacteria dwell in a sheltered environment beneath the gum.

The toothbrush is not adequate to remove plaque settling in-between the teeth and under the gum. This results in an increased risk for gum disease, cavities and other complications.

Periodontal surgery for advanced gum disease and tooth replacement options can be expensive. Dental flossing is important.



Q I consume tumeric for health purposes. Now my teeth look yellow. I have a date tomorrow and a job interview next week. How can I whiten them overnight?


You could use whitening strips. Or get a bleaching tray made for you . Ask your Dentist if you can put gel in the trays and sleep in it..



Q I think I had plastic rice for lunch, am I going to be sick?


The ingestion of plastic rice frequently , the bio -accumulation and/or the diffusion of the components example ‘Bisphenol A ‘ ,may lead to cancer, obesity, diabetes, mental disorders, respiratory disorders, liver and kidney damage.

Bisphenol A disrupts synthesis and the functionality of hormones leading to infertility, birth defects, mutations. You should consult with your Medical Doctor for an examination.



Q  Today I recieved my new dentures, how do I ensure  that they last for a long time?


Keep your dentures clean. Remove your dentures and rinse them with water or mouthwash after eating. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials for example brushes with stiff bristles, harsh toothpastes, whitening toothpastes, products with bleach and hot water.

You can use polydent denture cleaning tablets with a little warm water.  You may also use a solution of half vinergar and half water to soak or clean the dentures.

Finely grounded salt mixed with baking soda, glycerine and a little mint can make a nice paste to clean your dentures. You may also use antibacterial handsoap or dishwashing liquid to clean your dentures. Remove them at nights.

If they are squeezing or feel uncomfortable do not stop wearing them instead see your Dentist for a denture adjustment and special instructions for caring your gum and keeping your mouth clean while you wear dentures.