There are so many wonderful things in life to celebrate  some of them even have special dates.

What  if all the special occasions like Women's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day were public holidays? How many calendar days would be available for work or school?

The following is a list of special dates  or special holidays celebrated around the world


  • Good Friday

    April 10, 2020
    Public Holiday in Jamaica

  • International Women's Day

    March 8

  • Christmas Day

    December 25
    Public Holiday

  • Independence Day

    July 4- USA
    National Holiday

  • Memorial Day

    May 28- USA
    National Holiday

  • Fathers Day

    June 16
    Brett Sayles

  • Labor Day

    May 23- Jamaica Holiday
    Anamul Rezwan

  • International Reggae Day

    July 1

  • Nelson Mandela Day

    July 18

  • International Day Of Listening

    July 18

  • Caviar Day

    July 18
    Olivier Morneau

  • Independence Day Indonesia

    August 17 Holiday
    Happy Independence Day
    Artem Bali

  • Independence Day

    August 6
    Jamaica -Holiday

  • Emancipation Day

    August 1
    Jamaica- Holiday

  • National Day Of The Girl Child

    October 11
    Hoang Le

  • International Literacy Day

    September 8
    Filipe Sabino

  • Labour Day

    September 4, 2017..Labor Day in the United States Of America...First Monday in September every year

  • Thanksgiving

    November, 28,2019
    USA- Holiday

  • Multicultural Diversity Day

    October 21, 2019
    This is usually celebrated on the third Monday in October

  • National Heroes Day

    October 16 Jamaica
    Public Holiday

Happy Family Day...July 18 By Ashwin Pradhan