It's a very exciting time for students, parents and teachers. The
2017 GSAT results were announced on Friday June 9, 2017. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 2017 GSAT STUDENTS

Prayers, Love and Support For All GSAT Students today

Its Day 1...

Jamaicans really love their children and they believe in a better education and opportunities for all. Please support our GSAT Students.

Both parents and students shared the pressure , the anxiety, the heavy bags with books, the extra lessons, the holiday classes, late evening past papers, sweat and tears. After all that preparation, its showtime...Day 1....Love and respect to all teachers .Best wishes...I pray that they all do well.

My GSAT Friends 2017

In less than two weeks my friends will be sitting the Grade Six Achievement Test which is Jamaica's national high school entrance test scheduled for March 16-17, 2017. The GSAT replaced the UK's Common Entrance Examination in 1999. Majority of the students  have been preparing for the GSAT exam  since grade 4. 

Therefore for the next two weeks  I will  be spending time with my friends because I am curious about their feelings before the exam, during the exam and after the exam. I want to find out about their journey and examination preparation techniques , their plans after the exam and hopes for the results which are usually released in June.

They are our future leaders and I hope and pray that they are mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally prepared for the exam. To all students sitting the GSAT exam this year I wish say relax the day before the exam,  be happy, have fun, stay focused and just mash it up! It may be the last GSAT exam because a new type of exam will be introduced soon.

Finally only your best is good enough, whatever you do ,do it to the best of your abilities, if it is to be it is up to you, never give up and text me after the results come out so I can congratulate you.


Abigail Findlay

Yelena Lara

Devonte Hooper

Pastoria Mcgeachie

Julianna Medeiros

Ashley Lowers

 Dominic Hale

Roshaune Douglas

Azariah McCallum

Shadean Thompson

Luluwa Gibbs

Matthew Wallace

Jelani SpenceStudents working on
 computer Free Vector