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The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow POET



My Journey from GSAT to CSEC -Rianna Blake


Hello everyone! My name is Rianna Blake and I would like to share my success story from GSAT to CSEC.

When I was in Grade 6, it was God, Family and Hardwork that put me on in the spotlight after receiving a perfect score of all 100%s in my five subjects.
Being young and free-spirited, I knew it was The Work of The Lord but I did not know how to thoroughly explain His presence in the event at that time.
Now I am older and wiser and have concocted (with the help of scrolling through Instagram) a summary of what got me starting my race well and finishing my race with the same momentum: God. Goals. Growing. Glowing.
I have gotten to truly know God over the past five years on my journey. It was prayers answered by Him that kept me moving through the hard work and effort that I displayed at The Immaculate Conception High School and I knew that the unanswered ones were my way of asking but not His way of giving.
My relationship with God really grew when in December 2018, something very tragic happened and I lost two family members and to this day, it still pains my heart that I lost them but I can only trust in God and move on!
I have always related to the phrase "Only dead fish go with the flow". I did not just depend on God's guidance, I set goals and thresholds in mind and on paper to help get me where I am now.
Developing goals also helped me to grow mentally as I expanded my motivational skills. Setting goals for myself prepared me to achieve!
The past five years of my life could either have made me or break me because high school experiences have taught me a lot. The key to growing myself in the right direction was to surround myself with people of the same mindset who were passionate about their studies and were competitive.
These people also happened to be very amazing friends and they have always been there to support me in everything. However, I did not just focus on academic skills, but also 'soft' skills that our world is lacking today such as etiquette, attitude and overall disposition as a young lady.
This is tied to growing as when you have grown well, you will glow well. Glowing does not refer to physical appearances for me but how you are perceived by your peers, teachers etc.
I never gave anyone a loophole of opportunity to connect something negative to my name because I truly believe in integrity (which is also what our world lacks). Of course, you can never please everyone but I never tried to. I pleased myself and only me!
A note to everyone that sees this, never see someone successful and think that it was a 'bed of roses' that got them there because "the hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory". You have to commit and sacrifice to achieve and that has been my mantra from the beginning.
I hope everyone learns something and thanks for reading my success story!

PEP Time

How Is It Going With PEP?

It's 2019 and I feel like I still haven't gotten over the departure of GSAT. 

Well it's now called the Primary Exit Profile exam. This assessment will be used to determine the high school placement for children at the end of prep or the primary education system.


 With great focus, persistence and adequate preparation the students will do pretty well. The assessments started from grade 4 and will continue to grade 6.

According to the Ministry of Education,  students who entered grade 6 in September 2018 will comprise the first PEP Cohort. The exam is expected to be conducted over a period of 5 days.

Students, parents and teachers dont't be scared, be prepared. Fighting! 


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 2019 PEP & CSEC STUDENTS. May you continue to make your family, teachers, community and country proud. BEST Wishes for the new school year.

My GSAT Friends 2017

In less than two weeks my friends will be sitting the Grade Six Achievement Test which is Jamaica's national high school entrance test scheduled for March 16-17, 2017. The GSAT replaced the UK's Common Entrance Examination in 1999. Majority of the students  have been preparing for the GSAT exam  since grade 4. 

Therefore for the next two weeks  I will  be spending time with my friends because I am curious about their feelings before the exam, during the exam and after the exam. I want to find out about their journey and examination preparation techniques , their plans after the exam and hopes for the results which are usually released in June.

They are our future leaders and I hope and pray that they are mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally prepared for the exam. To all students sitting the GSAT exam this year I wish say relax the day before the exam,  be happy, have fun, stay focused and just mash it up! It may be the last GSAT exam because a new type of exam will be introduced soon.

Finally only your best is good enough, whatever you do ,do it to the best of your abilities, if it is to be it is up to you, never give up and text me after the results come out so I can congratulate you.


Prayers, Love and Support For All GSAT Students today

Its Day 1...

Jamaicans really love their children and they believe in a better education and opportunities for all. Please support our GSAT Students.

Both parents and students shared the pressure , the anxiety, the heavy bags with books, the extra lessons, the holiday classes, late evening past papers, sweat and tears. After all that preparation, its showtime...Day 1....Love and respect to all teachers .Best wishes...I pray that they all do well.

It's a very exciting time for students, parents and teachers. The
2017 GSAT results were announced on Friday June 9, 2017. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 2017 GSAT STUDENTS


Abigail Findlay

Yelena Lara

Devonte Hooper

Pastoria Mcgeachie

Julianna Medeiros

Ashley Lowers

 Dominic Hale

Roshaune Douglas

Azariah McCallum

Shadean Thompson

Luluwa Gibbs

Matthew Wallace

Jelani Spence


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