Just a Few Very Interesting Slangs from Around the World

Can You talk like a Jamaican?

Learn how to say a few common Jamaican slangs and know their meaning.

Slangs from Trinidad, Ireland and Costa Rica

Just a few British slangs- Bugger All, Gobsmacked, Mate, Brilliant, Hunky-Dory, Skive, Kerfuffle, The Bee's Knees and Blinkered

Canadian Slangs- Runners, Keener, Toque, Stag/Stagette, Eh, Mickey, Pop and Give'er

Australian Slangs- Chockers, Fair Dinkum, Ripper, She'll be right, Ta, Tradie, Sweet As, Sook

Just a few American Slangs- Piece of cake, Cram, Screw up, Uptight, For the Birds, Jonesing and Take a Raincheck