Using the words provided:

Accord    Practice   Incompetent   Commit    Conduct   Convince    Obtain

Insist   Engaged

Issue   Consider   Intend   Minute    Appoint    Circumstances   Incident    Approached


Concern   Commit   Resolved    Established     Eloquent    Yield    Scarce

Problem   Establish     Engage   Utter    Approach    Conduct   Circumstances


1 His boss told him he couldn´t handle the job, he was too__________.


2 Would you ____________taking the clients for lunch?


3 Listen! The problem is _____________don´t worry about it.


4 The lawyers worked in one ___________ on the case.


5 It is _____________ that she is lying.


6 If you __________________ daily you will get better at it.


7 What do they _________________to do about the issue?


8 Environmental pollution is a cause for ___________.


9 It is hard to _____________to such a request.


10 What crime did he _______________?


11 The fact that he came here unannounced is not the ______________.


12 Has the issue between the clients and the firm been _____________?


13 What is the _____________ with the publication?


14 Please take a _______approach in resolving the matter between the citizens     and the officers.


15 He _______________ me first, I found that to be very odd.


16 Can you ___________ the facts from her report?


17 Our company was ______________ in 1975.


18 The invigilator said, ¨do not _________ a word during this exam¨.


19 The investigators are here to ___________ a search.


20 She was punished at school for having poor _______during assembly.


21 You are not allowed to ____in other activities after signing this contract.


22 His speech was so ____________ , he must have studied abroad.


23 Jake and I got _________last month, we are getting  married in December.


24 I wish to ___________ a small portion.


25 Good workers are very _________________.


26 Can you please ________________ a group leader?


27 The office will be closed due to unforseen ___________ surrounding the __________.


28 Her research did not _____________ good reults.


29 We ________ that you do additional training.


30 How did they _____________ you to do it?


Fill in the Blanks

1. The new office had the most __________ lobby.
A) Fancy
D) Built

2. The food at the restaurant was_______.
D) Mysterious

3. ________staff attended to us daily.
A) Suspicious
B) Nice
C) Courteous
D) Plentiful

4. The _________nurse dressed his wound.
a. Frank
c. Tearful

5. The ___________boy stood up to his bully.
a. Fearful
c. Courteous

6. It was more_______ __ for us to share the cost.
a. Environmental
b. Easy
c. Sophisticated
d. Economical

7. You need to be more _______of others.
a. Considerate
c. Gregarious

8. She is so ________ she will succeed.
a. Philosophical

c. Rational

9. This song has such a beautiful_______.
a. Colour
c. Melody

10 The workers took ________action causing a delay.
A) Amiable
B) Industrial
C) Expensive
D) Exuberant

Writing Practice- Describing Processes

Describing Processes  Practice Excercises



  1. Using 100-150 words, describe how you  make a cup of tea.


  1. Using 100 words describe how to put on a bandaid.


  1. Using 100 words describe how to connect your phone to the internet.


  1. Using 150 words describe how you would stop a baby from crying.


  1. Using 150  describe how you would make a hard  boiled egg.


  1. Using 100 words describe  how to tie a shoe lace.


  1. Using 100 words describe  how to make a telephone call.


  2. Using 150 words describe how to change a car tire.


Key  Words You Can Use

First  or firstly,  then, second or secondly, after that, and, can, also, final or  finally, until, when, last or lastly,  actually, if,  wait, after, subsequent or subsequently, before, prior, afterwards, later, in the end, once, step, phase, stage, while, meanwhile, during, begin, end, following, earlier, step, once