Tattoo Girl

Fresh from high school she signed up with a recruiting agency did an aptitude test, aced it and went on her first job interview. Everything was going smoothly as she spoke about her achievements and career objectives.

Then the questions were asked, "who is a team player and what does it take to be a good team player?" She had absolutely no idea who a team player was, it was as if during her entire life she never ever heard that phrase.

Her voice started to crack and cold sweat washed her face as she tried to describe team and player separately, yep nervousness was in full gear. After the interview ,as soon as she got home she went on the internet to find out who a team player was.

She watched and waited for the call day and night hoping to find out whether or not she got the job. Well, the call never came. She went on several interviews after that and they all told her "you are too young, go back to school."

Her parents were unable to send her to college so she decided to seek a job then work and pay for tuition. The recruiters only saw a young beautiful and naive girl. So she started taking proffessional photos of herself and sent them to various modelling agencies.

Finally a few months after hundreds of job letters and reponse to ads from newspapaers, she was granted a job as a trainee office clerk. She worked very hard obeying every command, running every errand, learning new skills and getting over being shy and afraid of people.

To celebrate how thankful she was, she went to her tattoo artist and got an additional tattoo across her back which said "Jesus saves", in beautiful blue, red and gold next to the rose among thorns she had three years before. She loved tattoos and body art.

To her tatoos were just so beautiful to look at, they  made her feel a special type of relief , freedom of expression and joy inside.

One Saturday night she met a guy at a party, she fell in love. She fell so deep that she became gullible to every word he said. He knew that she was paid weekly and every week he came up with a story about car issues and that he needed money.

She never once gave her mother or brother or family members any money, not to mention she went back on her promise to God to pay tithe and offering if she got the job. It was all about clubbing, partying, having fun, enjoying youth,love and happiness.

Before you  know it, she was bankrupt. She became stressed, rent was due, light bill, water bill, cable, internet, car payments and credit cards. She couldn't eat, she couldn't sleep and eventually had high blood pressure and was rapidly loosing weight with constant pain in her chest. A year later she was diagnosed with Cardiovascular disease.

She was told that she needed surgery. She had no money and she could not get any from her boyfriend who was too busy pleasing other women.

One Friday evening she recieved a phone call about an offer to be a model for a special brand of alcoholic beverages. They were offering her 3.5 million dollars for special campaignes and bill boards.

She was so thrilled by the offer she was jumping all over the place with excitement forgetting that she was ill. She called her boyfriend, her best friend, her mother and brother telling them about the contract. 

On the morning of the contract signing she was told that she had to remove her tattoos. To her it felt like the end of the world to have those special tattoos removed. The thought of what her tattoos meant to her and the fear of lazer burning her beautiful skin gave her an immediate anxiety attack. When her fiance and family heard that she did not sign the contract they were furious.

They tried to convince her to have the tattoos removed, they were even willing to pay for the service. She told them that she would rather die than have those tattoos removed. They tormented her day and night. She couldn't take it anymore she decided to runaway.

I heard a knock on my door so early that Sunday morning I almost called the cops, because I had no family or friends. When I opened the door I saw her sitting on my step.

She looked like she was on drugs or something like she had been through a storm and tornado in one mixed with a dash of volcano. I greeted her and offered her a cup of tea.

She stayed at my house for a few days until someone spotted her and tipped off her fiance. He somehow convinced her to leave with him. 

A few weeks later she called me saying she was have serious stomach cramps, but I was too busy at work I could only call an ambulance for her then inform her family. A few weeks later she said when she woke up in the hospital and went to take a shower, she noticed her back was cleaaaan.

She said for a moment she thought someone switched her body. She was crying hysterically. I was so curious I went to my boss and told her I had to leave right away. I had to see for myself. 

Yes she was telling the truth, the tatoo was gone, left no scars or blemishes. No evidence that it was even there in the first place. She told me that she made up her mind to sign the contract for the photo shoot and would be getting married in a few months.

I  was just too happy that she seemed overjoyed to even care about the type of man she was about to marry. I really did not want to rain on her parade so I just supported her decision and hoped for the best.

Her campaigns were successful, her pictures were basically everywhere, magazines, TV commercials, internet, clubs you name it. She got her surgery done and it was also a success.

She was happy for a while until her husband ran off with all her money. She was devastated. He opened a business and made good investments. He started to pressure her for a divorce so that he could remarry someone he fell in love with.

She refused to give him a divorce. One day he was leaving his office, he stopped to gaze at a beautiful girl that was passing by, he went up to her trying to get her phone number. The girls' boyfriend saw them and stabbed him in his abdomen. He died on his way to the hospital. 

So my friend being the wife of the deceased was granted full access to all his assets. She became a wealthy woman and opened a training center for young girls who left high school but could not afford college.

She also had a scholarship programme for young women who wanted to study business administration at a university. Being the type of man I am supportive, kind, extremely handsome and charming ,she proposed to me first.

Then I declined and immediately proposed to her because my father always told me that a man should propose first.

The Day I Had

I woke up a bit early, maybe around 5:00 am on Wednesday morning. By 7:00 am I was out the door. As I stepped onto the freshly mowed lush green grass I remembered that I left my resume by the printer.

I quickly rushed back in and took it up scanning for errors. Yes! There were absolutely none. 

As I stepped out onto the lawn this time with more confidence and my head high feeling proud of my achievements, I suddenly felt like I stepped into some mud.

When I looked down and closely inspected my heels, I found that it was deffinately not mud. The colour, the smell, the feeling of disgust all flooded my veins.

Ohh my gooooosh! When did this get here? I thought. Did I enter a different path on the lawn or did it really happen while I was inside picking up my resume.

Anyway I walked away wiping my shoe on the grass then the sidewalk. I still was not satisfied so I took a piece of twig and used it to scrape the bottom of my shoe.

I really wanted to catch the 7:30 bus so I just relaxed a bit then walked calmly to the bus stop. THe bus came a little earlier than usual. I was so happy.

As I entered the bus and paid my fare I noticed an empty seat close to the window then sat down. The bus drove off then I heard people talking behind me. They were complaining about a foul smell. I just kept quiet until I reached my stop.

I arrived for my job interview a few minutes early so I asked the receptionist for permission to use the rest room. I quickly mixed soap with water then used handtowel to properly clean my shoe. 

Finally my name was called and I went in to start my interview. I was preoccupied with the thoughts of my new shoe being soiled I was not even nervous.

But when they asked me if I considered myself to be a team player and what my assets were I completely froze. Then I remembered the compliments people often gave me, so I just repeated them.

I said I was kind, hard working, easy to get along with, a perfectionist, punctual and very supportive of others.

After the interview I decided to go window shopping at the mall. While standing at the bus stop, I saw a wallet on the ground. I picked it up and while I was checking for identification I noticed it was stacked with a large amount of cash.

I was so shocked and excited at the same time, the bus came , stopped then drove off while I was still staring in the wallet. I found only a picture of a young woman in it. I put it in my bag. 

As soon as I placed the wallet in my hand bag a man came with a worried look on his face. He looked devastated with red puffy eyes. He was looking around the bus stop as if he lost something.

As I observed him I concluded he was not a dangerous man. He came towards me, I took one step back. He then asked me if I had seen a wallet.

He described the colour of the wallet  and in details he was able to decribe even the womans teeth in the photo. 

I was convinced he was the owner then I said wait, I opened my bag then gave him the wallet. He was so grateful, I felt like a hero.

Another bus was coming and as I was about to stop the bus he said he could give me a lift. I told him that it was ok but he insisted. I then agreed.

We arrived at the mall. He told me he owned a fashion store at that same location. I became exited thoughts of discounts started to float in my head.

He called his wife on the phone and told her he found his wallet.

He invited me inside his store and told me to take what ever I wanted. I took up a pair of shoes and a matching blouse then he smiled and hugged me.

His wife came and she just packed a whole suitcase full of jeans, tank tops, underwear, tshirts, belts, shoes and costume jewellry.

I was so excited and happy I kept hoping I was not dreaming. I know I would have wept bitterly if it was all a dream.


Child vs Man

Nov. 27, 2016

The Gift





撰:JJ Doolam

Morning Jet

早班飞机 翻译 杏光辉/Beck 大清早的我感到有点冷,我从梦中醒来推开被子,拖着身体慢慢的走到卫生间跟前,令我吃惊的是门居然锁着,我以为我的大脑和膀胱合起来整我,我一下进入了惶恐模式,我急忙敲门,但是我的哥哥好像早就在里面了,没办法,我只能在外面等着。 我走出院子,呼吸着新鲜的空气,突然间一系列的味道扑鼻而来,现磨咖啡的味道,肉桂的味道,煎蛋、炸大焦、和煎培根的味道。气味儿很浓郁,我觉得我好像就是在品尝他们似的。接着我看到花园里的菊花和粉玫瑰花瓣上的露珠闪闪发光。 突然,我听到房间里有人拖着椅子,我还听到肚子里传来像孩子般咕噜噜的声音,瞬间我觉得像是强电流要击穿我的腹部,哦,天呐,我受不了了,我还以为要生双胞胎了…… 其实我知道我怎么了,我以箭般速度冲进卫生间,差点没把墙撞倒!!! 最后,哈哈是的,太爽了,太自由了,终于感觉到好放松,我觉得我美好的一天要开始了。

Short Story 2


It was early in the morning and I felt a bit chilly. I paused my sweet dream then pushed my blanket away from me. I dragged myself out of the bed and made my way slowly to the rest room. 

To my astonishment the door was locked pushing me into panic mode because my brain and my bladder conspired against me. Right away I started pounding the door in urgency. 

It seemed my brother had already occupied it. All other options were unavailable so I just had to take it outside.

As I stepped out on to the patio, the smell of clean fresh air filled my lungs as my chest expanded and contracted. Suddenly the smell of freshly brewed coffee tickled my nose along with the smell of cinnamon, fried eggs, fried plantains and fried bacon.

The smell was so strong I felt as though I was tasting them too. Then I began to notice how the chrysanthemums and pink roses in my garden had water crystals on them that made them sparkle.

All of a sudden, I heard sounds as though someone was dragging a chair across the floor. Then I heard sounds like baby thunder coming from below my chest. 

In an instant I felt something like a sharp electrical shock splitting my abdomen.” Oh noooo” I thought, the paternal twins are coming, one and two.

I respect my environment so I dashed inside the house faster than the flash and straight like the arrow, I aimed for the restroom, almost piercing the wall next to my bathtub.

Finally yeah, free at last, free at last, it felt so good to be free at last. To myself I thought what a great start for a beautiful day.


By: Tina Dooley


The Gift

Listen carefully


  1. Who was the story about?
  2. How old was the man?
  3. What was the gift he recieved and why?
  4. Describe the relationship between the man and his pet.
  5. What happened to the cat?
  6. How did the neighbours relate to the old man?
  7. What happened to the old man?
  8. What is the moral of the story?

Short Story -Title: The Gift


      There was an old man who lived alone. His children were all grown up and had moved out years ago. He was in the age group close to death. On his ninety-eighth birthday a gift came in from his children. He was confused; he had forgotten that he had children.  He started to curse aloud.

The gift had turned out to be a cat. He was very happy to receive this gift. The cat purred on the old man’s lap when he sat down. This meant that he was very happy.

The old man and the cat instantly became best friends. The old man cared for the cat as if it were human. The old man and the cat bathed together, dined together and went everywhere together.

One morning as the old man was about to feed his cat, the cat collapsed and died. The old man mourned and his heart grew week then he suffered from depression because he missed his cat.

He had no appetite no matter how hard his neighbours tried to comfort him. Everyday he had hallucinations of his cat purring and dashing across his room.

He tried to chase the cat one night and suddenly had a heart attack. After that his neighbour said he saw them together on the front porch every morning .

It seemed their spirits never left  so they continued their journey together.

   By: JJ Doolam


Read The Story Then Answer the Questions