Three Useful Chinese Mandarin Apps

1. Han bao bao Floating Chinese Dictionary

2. Pleco Chinese Dictionary

3. Hellotalk



Why Mandarin and not Cantonese? 

Chinese Mandarin is the most widely-spoken language in the world. 

Culture -  Chinese culture is considered to be marvelously  fascinating. Whether your interests are in the food, the music, history, architecture,  a knowledge of Mandarin will enhance your understanding of the Chinese culture.

Business - Business people who speak Mandarin do not have to rely on the help of a translator they  have a great advantage in connecting with the Chinese market understanding the culture and keeping up with news or issues that might affect the clients  . It is much easier to develop all-important relationships if you can speak Mandarin.

Travel - Think about the adventure in China and Taiwan . You can get around much easier when you ca speak Mandarin. No hand book required, no translators, just you interacting with the people and gaining respect.


4 Components -You must be able to master:

  1. The ability to Read Chinese Mandarin
  2. The ability to Write Chinese Mandarin
  3. The ability to Listen and Understand Chinese Mandarin
  4. The ability to Speak Chinese Mandarin with Proper Pronunciation




Living Language Chinese Mandarin Chinese.



Do you think that learning Spanish would have been easier? Now you know that when you have all these abilities as an English speaker, you are skilled when you can also speak Chinese Mandarin. It is arguable that English is more difficult to learn than any other language. Is that true?


Below are short introductory videos for learning a few commonly used Chinese Mandarin phrases. 

HSK Level 1 Chinese Mandarin Characters


Chinese Mandarin Pronunciation Lesson-汉语

Basic Chinese Greetings

Learn The Days Of The Week Easily- 普通话

How to say the days of the week in Chinese

Beginners - Pronounce Chinese Pinyin -汉语-普通话

Theresa Zhu- How to pronounce Chinese Pinyin.

Learn How To Pronounce Chinese Pinyin- 中文-普通话-汉语

Practice pronouncing your pinyin with this very useful video. An old time favorite. How many of you watched this video when you just started to learn Chinese Mandarin?

Chinese Mandarin 2- 一月 二月 三月 四月

How to say the months of the year in Chinese


How to say, "I am hungry in Chinese


How to ask, " Are you still at work?" In Chinese


How to ask, "How was your day?" In Chinese


How to say, I had a good day in Chinese


How to say Good night and sweet dreams in Chinese

Zaijian- 再见 - Goodbye