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KhromaKey Media Productions is a production house based in Jamaica. Its founder and CEO is British born of Jamaican parents and as such, while having international experience, understands the unique nuances of the Jamaican experience and what comprises and influences Jamaican culture. This puts KhromaKey in a position to capture the Jamaican audience’s interest with understanding and clarity while creating projects that appeal to an international audience

The company possesses extensive experience in creating TV documentaries and commercials, as well as corporate media services and location scouting. KhromaKey’s goal is to bring tomorrow’s techniques in media production to its clients today.

The company was formed out of a will to improve, rather than simply maintain, Jamaica’s media output. In addition to having aligned itself with some of Jamaica’s most talented players in the industry, the company’s service and output are second to none.

Our clients are at the forefront of everything that we do. We put you first. 


Completed TV documentary Projects:-

Homeless in Jamaica-A documentary which looks at the homeless problem in Jamaica.

WaterHouse Through the Eyes of Football-The impact of football on one of Jamaican Inner-city community

History of Track and Field in Jamaica-A documentary that’s look at the history of athletics in Jamaica from 1908.

Chinese Migration to Jamaica from 1854-The impact of Chinese migration on the Jamaican Landscape from 1854


Documentaries to be completed (Seeking Finance):-

Jamaica’s Political History-How Jamaica’s two Political Parties were formed and the Impact on the Landscape.

Climate Change-Do Jamaicans really understand what it means?

HIV/AIDS And Commercial Sex Workers:-Sex Workers and the Social Behaviour of the Jamaican Male.

Annie (Annie Palmer):- A movie about the Life of the Legendary Annie Palmer


Completed TV Commercial Projects:-

JIIC-Time to Upgrade

SCCU-Small Business Loans

SCCU-Easy Access Loans

LHL-Qwik Liner Spray-on Coating

JSE- Transformation through Conversation

Supreme Ventures-Understanding Betting made easy


Completed TV Infomercial/s Projects:-

JNGI-Response to Storm Sandy

Natural Reasoning-Using Natural Reasoning to resolve conflicts in Negril Jamaica.

Alliance Investment Management –Company Profile


KMP Completed Documentary Projects

Bonds of Promised Land looks at the different waves of Chinese migration to Jamaica from 1854, and the resulting impact of these immigrants and their descendents on the Jamaican landscape. (2016)

History of Track and Field in Jamaica traces the country’s development in athletics from 1908 and the reasons for the country’s recent success in the sport. (2013)

Water House Through the Eyes of Football explores the impact of football on a Jamaican inner-city community. (2012)

Homeless in Jamaica exposes the homeless problem in Jamaica and the factors contributing to the homelessness in the country’s major cities. (2011)

Recent KMP Commercials, Infomercials, Profiles

Natural Reasoning short feature on a community programme that strengthens conflict resolution and self-development skills among disadvantaged persons in Negril. (2017)

New Leaf Power and Conservation Ltd video proposal to use deep sea cold water from the Caribbean Sea to cool hotels in Montego Bay. (2017)

Alliance Investment Management video corporate profile to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary. (2017)

Jamaica Rubber Products,Company Profile shows a company’s innovative approach to solving the tyre waste problem through recycling to create new products. (2016)

Jamaica Stock Exchange, Transformation through Conversations series of advertisements geared at encouraging firms to list on the Junior Stock Exchange and promoting stock market investments to young adults (2015 – 2016)

Community Solar is a promotional video on a pilot project that brought solar power to three community computer centers. (2015)



  • Create programme proposals, story boards, scripts and treatments


  • Coordinate video shoots, editing, graphics, and music selection


  • Liaise with stakeholders and organise logistics for preparation of a film production


  • Scout for locations and talent


  • Budgeting and resource management for film productions


  • Conduct research and source archival information for the film product

Feedback from our Clients  


"The Bonds of Promised Land, is a heartfelt tribute to the Chinese Jamaican people and brings life to historical information through personal accounts"


"Great audience appreciation of the screening yesterday. We were blown away by the research and history. Fritzroy, we thank you for your contribution to the Toronto Hakka Festival"


Lauren Chang (top) and Derek Chai (below), following the inagural screening of the Bonds of Promised Land documentary at the Toronto Hakka Festival held in Toronto, Canada, in July 2016.


"Well-done, well-executed. I have noticed an increase in applications for listing on the Junior Stock Exchange  "


Marlene Street-Forrest, General Manager of the Jamaica Stock Exchange following the first phase of the Transformations through Conversations campaign

Please view samples of our work at:-


Yours sincerely,

Fritzroy Smith

Managing Director





Mr Fritzroy Smith, Esq.

KhromaKey Media Productions 
'creating tomorrow's dreams today'
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Joseph Francisco


As a doctor, have you or a coworker ever removed a bug from a patient’s ear? What kind was it, and was it still alive?


This happened at an awfully quiet night shift at the ER — I mean the clinical staff and I had dinner (pizza, the best mom-and-pop type our grubby hands could buy), I got to sleep three solid hours after. This was around 0400Hrs.

I’m like, “Wow, this is a welcome surprise!”

No sooner the thought left my lips, a severely agitated woman burst through the ER doors, clutching her son in a panicked manner.

“Please! Please! Emergency! Please help my son!”

In my head, klaxons went off. This is bad.

So I hurried over to the mom, who was still hysterical. I glanced over the patient in a quick fashion, looking for injuries; while asking the mother in the calmest tone possible, “Was he run over? Did he fall? What happened?”

“There’s an insect that crawled in his ear!”


I thought the kid was dying from something — based on the waterworks happening between the mother and child. I calmed down the mother and told them to relax, that it is not deadly, and that it can be removed.

The nursing staff took them to the minor surgical area as I grabbed my medical otoscopic camera. First, I scoped the normal ear, all is well.


Upon scoping the right ear, I see it.

(Not the actual photo, but looks very much like — MOTHER OF GOD!!!!)

Then my next thought was: “Hans, get ze..”


Of course, I did NOT say that.

This bugger was still moving, so I went for the lidocaine and slowly irrigated the boy’s right ear with a soft syringe,


while explaining that it would paralyze the insect, and provide some anesthetic relief to the patient’s ear canal.

Well, this little bugger was a cheeky one.

Instead of giving up the ghost and just curling up from the lidocaine, it thrashed about, then emerged quickly out of the ear.

It was a damn, friggin’ cockroach!

Heck, I dropped the soft syringe in surprise, the mom ran off in fear, the child was paralyzed in place.

And then we all laughed.

Well, right after I crushed la cucaracha with the mother’s chancla.


Voracious Reader; Verbose Writer

   Emergency Medicine Specialist; Martial Arts Enthusiast

B.S. Biology, University of the Philippines Diliman 


Phase 2 Auto Detailing

Trisan Brown

My name is Trisan and I consider myself a “road star”. 🚘 I live for a good road trip, be it locally (my country, Jamaica or internationally.

My love for travel perhaps was shaped when I was a little girl as my parents were passionate about travel and would take me to the various country sides across the islands for food, fun and adventure.

This was heightened during the summer time when I would travel internationally to unearth the culture of other spaces.

Road trips allow individuals to not just learn of what exists in these unique spaces but it allows for developing friendships and also, perhaps most importantly learning about self.

Doing a road trip does not have to be a daunting task. All that is needed is lots of spontaneity and a little creativity. Below are my tips for a good local road trip:


1. Touch a place on the map.

2.Call up a few friends/family you believe would be interested in your venture.

3. Pack an overnight bag, you never know how excited you'll get and want to stay over.

4. If you are on a budget or lack sufficient funds take food from home.

5. Ensure you have a full tank of gas...spontaneity will lead you to a number of places. If not public transportation is an exciting option.

6. Set out and take loads of pictures. You'll cherish these when you are much older.

7. Bask in the moment...obstacles or not.

8. Have fun.

9. Video call someone to see the beauty you've discovered.

10. Get home safely, and start planning the next adventure.


I hope you've found my tips useful and I look forward to sharing my tips for international travel.

Live life to the fullest and I hope to see you on my next super fly adventure.

Trisan Brown