Listening lays a good foundation when learning a language. Frequently listening to Chinese Mandarin audio allows you to improve your mental flexibility,  grammar and speaking skill.

Listen to the pronunciation of the chinese mandarin characters , words and phrases. You can replay as many times as you wish. You can repeat what you hear and practice daily.

Listening devices such as earphones help to block out noise from your environment that can be distracting.

With earphones you can focus on what you are hearing because the audio usually sounds so much better this way.

If you have absolutely  no desire  to disturb others with your choice of audio ,using a pair of earphones is the way to go. 


The following videos are very useful if you really want to learn Chinese Mandarin in a short time. The videos include English Language with Chinese Mandarin translations.

There are thousands of videos on Youtube ranging from Chinese Mandarin Basic Level to Advanced. You have to find the best ones that are suitable to your learning needs.

We recommend the following videos. You can give them a thumbs up or subscribe to their channel for more lessons.


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