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Child's Month 2020

The month of May is celebrated as Child's month in Jamaica. Children are considered as little people, future leaders, who can feel stress or pressure just like adults do.


As responsible adults, it is very important that we care for them , protect them, support and love them. We can learn a lot about kindness and forgiveness from children.

 Their invaluable innocence must be nurtured always. So allow them to have fun and allow them to play , the happier the child, the brighter the day.




Favourite Quotes About Children


"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”  — Margaret Mead, Cultural Anthropologist

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”  — Stacia Tauscher, Dancer and Artist

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”  — Frederick Douglass, Abolitionist and Statesman

"Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.”  — Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali Polymath

"To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter" P. T. Barnum  

Photo-Samer Daboul. Child's Month in May Jamaica 2019


On a day like Mother's Day, how can we cheer up a mother who has lost her child? What is the best thing to do or say to avoid upsetting her? What about the mothers who are over a thousand miles away from their child or children with no hope of hugging or seeing them soon?

Missing out on all stages of development and bonding. How do they cope? Is video calling even enough?  To adults, teens and children who lost their mom because of an illness or other causes, what is the best way for us to show our support on Mother's Day or any other day? 

There are individuals who have never even met their mother, but managed to make it with or without help from other family members or close friends.  For those who have bad memories of their mother please build and replace with good and positive memories.

For those who were privileged to have met the acquaintance of a mother to love, cherish, honor and respect, don't hesitate to show your mother how grateful you are to have her in your life everyday.

Mothers thank you for unconditionally loving your children, providing a home to nourish and teach good morals, build confidence , providing arms for support when crying, listening to the troubles without ceasing and providing sound advice, shaping lives and creating wonderful people for a better tomorrow.

Gifts for your Mom to show her you love her.


Photo-Nicholas Githiri. Mother's Day 2019



Your teacher has beautiful skin, help her to keep looking radiant like it's Teacher's day  everyday.


May 7, 2019-  RADIO DAY-RUSSIA


Trung Nguyen -WORLD ASTHMA DAY- May 7, 2019


May 30, 2017 ..Dragon Boat Festival-zhongzi粽子

[7/4, 11:46 PM] This Festival is called "Scarlet sails" (Алые паруса) and it is dedicated to school leavers.

The ship with red sails symbolizes their new aspirations and hopes..
[7/4, 11:48 PM] Ilya2: Town of that Celebration is St Petersburg.




They say I talk funny but I don’t care,

Beause I will sound better this time next year。

And now let’s drink, we are drinking,

About last night, I am thinking。

How much we drank, had we not drunk,

We wouldn’t have been drunken。


Bie haipa ,ni keyi, xue yingyu yinggai hen kuaile

别害怕,你可以,学英语 应该 很快乐


We should take a break, our hearts are breaking。

Though we are broke we are not broken。

Don’t allow us to drive, we are not driving。

If we drove, then we shouldn’t have driven。

Give us a chance. Will you be giving?

We always gave, to us none given.



Bie haipa, ni keyi, xue yingyu yinggai hen kuaile

别害怕,你可以,学英语 应该 很快乐




We will rise, we are rising。

Yesterday we rose, today we have risen。

You can choose, he is choosing。

Good values we chose, because we were chosen。

Cold water will freeze, we are freezing。

Below zero it froze。Now It is frozen。


Bie haipa ,ni keyi, xue yingyu yinggai hen kuaile

别害怕,你可以,学英语 应该 很快乐


Quick sand can sink ,now its sinking。

Titanic sank, had it not sunk, they wouldn’t have sunken。

People trying to steal, though it says no stealing。

If you stole, return what’s stolen。

Police will catch, though you think they’re not catching。

Majority got caught, hadn’t they been caught ,

The things we buy, we would stop buying。

The gifts we bought, would not have been bought。


Bie haipa ,ni keyi, xue yingyu yinggai hen kuaile

别害怕,你可以,学英语 应该 很快乐



What is the deal? With us you are dealing。

With them you dealt, because we couldn’t have dealt。

How do I feel? How are you feeling?

What was felt? I couldn’t have felt。

Avoiding the fight, though some are fighting,

Though they fought, they shouldn’t have fought。


Bie haipa ,ni keyi, xue yingyu yinggai hen kuaile

别害怕,你可以,学英语 应该 很快乐


We should grow, they are growing。

Like redwoods we grew。Wow!We have grown。

We like to fly, together we are flying。

Yesterday they flew, so high they had flown。

We will not fall, we are not falling。

Too heavy they fell, they shouldn’t have fallen。

Let us go。 We are going。

Together we went。 Now we are all gone.


Bie haipa ,ni keyi, xue yingyu yinggai hen kuaile

别害怕,你可以,学英语 应该 很快乐








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