Mar. 16, 2020

Why should you share your COVID -19 alcohol hand sanitizers and supplies with others?

So, I decided to share my limited supplies may it be sufficient for the recipients by the grace of God.

I disinfected my empty mouthwash bottles and refilled them with 70% rubbing alcohol. I plastic wrap a mouth mask and a pair of gloves. Vitamin C is also available upon request while supplies last.

I always held on to cute packages and tiny bottles because I always thought that they might be useful.

Usually I would have promoted Oral Health but this time around its the overall health and well being .

I got into Nursing school and almost went to nursing school a few years ago. At times like these I wonder how much of a difference I could have made in times like these with COVID-19 and all.

Then it occurred to me that no matter what field you are placed in, if you have a genuine love for others you can make a difference.