Mar. 16, 2020

You Existing In My Heart Vs The Corona Virus Nightmare

Last week it was disclosed that there were two imported and confirmed cases of the COVID-19 on our island. 

Then it was reported that schools would be closed for about two weeks.

Then I heard school would be closed until April 27,2020.

Now im hearing school will be closed for about 5 months. Though not yet confirmed, I started to panic.

Usually I would take the taxi to work and at times around six to eight passengers are onboard.


I thought of leaving out extra early to take the bus instead. Then I changed my mind and drove with my cousin to work. 


Upon arrival at the office today, I was told that all my patients were resheduled and that the office will be closed for the next two weeks.


I went to my residence, made breakfast, prayed, started to eat, then I broke down into tears. 


I was crying so much as if  I was onboard the Titanic ship and the captain announced that it was gonna sink. I prayed again.


Then I remembered a series of dreams I was having a few months ago. 

I dreamt that many people were trying to come into my house for shelter and safety. I had run out of space and had to decide who to let in and who to keep out. At one point I even gave up my space by leaving and seeking somewhere else for myself.


In another dream I was leading a bunch of children out of a war zone to a place of safety.


I just kept on dreaming about lots and lots of people who were scared and  trying to seek refuge.


I am an introvert, so I dont really talk a lot. I write  or text more than I speak and feel a bit clusterphobic at times.


Anyway I didnt mention these dreams to anyone because I didnt think I had any authority to discuss or disclose things that I did not understand. 


I know that in the bible Daniel prayed to God in order to recieve interpretations of dreams. Most times I do pray for interpretations. Somehow I do believe that there are people here on earth with the gift of interpretation from God.


So today I googled ¨house of refuge¨ and ¨safe house¨. The search results were over whelming but the one that stood out the most was a Bible verse from the Holy Scriptures .


Psalm 46:1 , which says ¨God is our refuge and strenghth,a very present help in trouble.¨


I now know why we need each other or why God made so many of us and its because we are all unique individuals. We all have something that others can benefit from. Its just that sometimes we dont know what we have or the value of what we were blessed with.


At this point I am just praying for everyone and hoping for the best. 

I am currently disinfecting some tiny bottles that I have with the hope of refilling them with lysol and hand sanitizers for the teenagers around me who inspired me. I wish I could be of assistance to many more people.


But it is what it is and I believe that if I pray to Jesus over the little that I have to give it will be sufficient for the people who are recieving.

Also I hope that many others will be inspired to pray and share the good stuff with others so that we all can decontaminate, disinfect and sanitize our spaces. 


Remember some of us are your clients, patients, friends, family, customers, fans and well-wishers. We exist for each other, let us all unite against the Coronavirus and kick its a.....