Mar. 4, 2020

HYGIENE CHECKLIST- Infection Control and Prevention-COVID-19 By: RDH Setina Evans

  1. Mask   
  2. Gloves
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Antibacterial Hand Soap
  5. Hand Towel
  6. Disinfectant Wipes
  7. Protective Eyewear
  8. Ear Plugs
  9. Alcohol
  10. Wipes
  11. Disinfectant Spray
  12. Soft Soap Liquid
  13. Kids Safe Sanitizer
  14. Bath Soap
  15. Toilet Tissue
  16. Forehead Thermometer
  17. First Aid Kits
  18. Emergen-C  
  19. Gloves To Disinfect Home

The above is a list of products and supplies that can help to control the spread of the coronavirus just by simply  maintaining clean hands, a clean body and clean surroundings. 


Don´t get left out, order your supplies while stocks last. 


Everyday I search through Amazon for hygiene products for my friends and family which seem to be in short supply.


In the morning a certain brand or product is available or in stock  and by evening it is listed as currently unavailble.


I still cant believe this is happening. Something like toilet paper which we took for granted that I wasted so much growing up seem to be so hard to get these days. So Unbelievable..


The masks are to be worn if you are sick and you have to protect others around you from contracting the coronavirus which is considered to spread mainly between people who are in close contact with each other usually whithin around 6 feet according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.


The coronavirus can be transmited through respiratory droplets produced while an infected person is coughing or sneezing.


As a result these droplets may land into the mouths or noses and possibly be inhaled into the lungs of the people who are in close proximity to the infected individual.


The coronavirus can be transmitted through contact with  contaminated surfaces or objects simply  by just touching the mouth, nose or eyes with these now contaminated hands.


So it is very important to use soap to wash your hands or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer to destroy germs on the hands. At all times you must avoid touching stuff and then touching your face. I didn´t know that not touching your face could be so hard.


The minute I decided not to touch my face, that´s when my eyes start to itch or my  lips feel dry or some part of my face is burning or itching. But we can do this..We have to ..


For those of you who have pimples and are tempted to squeeze or scratch them, please don´t. Always wash your hands first, then if you just absolutely have to, then put on a pair of gloves just to be safe.


The gloves are not to be worn outside in public spaces. Just like how your hands can become contaminated by touching dirty surfaces or objects, these gloves can become contaminated too.


It is easier and more cost effective to just wear your hands and wash them or sanitize them as you go along.



If you wear gloves you have to take them off and throw them away after you touch something dirty. You cannot see germs with just the naked eye. 


I watched a lady entered the bus, wearing a pair of gloves, touching the seats, then went on her phone, touched her bags and touched her clothes . I just hoped she remembered to take them off and throw them away before entering her house.


Also please use high level disinfectants to disinfect all surfaces and objects which may pose a risk for contamination.


Do not mix chemicals on your own without first conducting proper research first. Get your information from recognized and reputable sources. There are a lot of false information going around. So just be safe, be healthy and be careful.


RDH Setina Evans

March 4,2020