Feb. 13, 2020

No Party Hats Allowed

Back in the 80s and 90s when we had birthday parties, we all wore cone shaped party hats.

The themes were either barbie princess, batman or any cartoon hero that was popular during that era. There were banners with matching table cloth, cups, plates and napkins .

A center table with cake, wine, candies and 4 grapefruits with kibob sticks containing cheese cherries and grapes at the corners of the table.

Kids use to fill their pockets with candy before the end of the Happy Birthday song and prayer. Our favourite part of the party was the food and loot bags. Every year the loot bags seemed to get bigger and better.

Recently I noticed that fewer people are now wearing party hats . Apparently a beautiful crown is the new craze which is only worn by the birthday celebrant along with a really nice sash if its a girl.

These can now be worn at school or to the office adding to the excitement and feeling of being royal for the day. Birthday dinners and outings are becoming increasingly popular these days. People are finding more unique ways to celebrate their special day making it more fabulous for everyone to enjoy.