Nov. 26, 2019

To All The Cellphones I've Loved Before With The Drama Strings Attached


My third cellphone was a Nokia3300..I really wanted a Nokia 3310 , but because it was sold out I settled for a Nokia 3300. I had it for a few weeks then sold it to a security guard at my office.

Then I got a Nokia3200 which would light up beautifully when it rang. I could also design my own covers to fit in the transparent housing.

Then I owned a Nokia6310 which was a really strong cellphone until I eventually gave it away.

Then a Nokia6300 , This was my favourite because at the time when I had it, that phone could say the name of the person who was calling . This phone had a colour screen compared to the others which had black ink only.

The camera quality was good. I went to the beach one day and as it rang out a very very very young family member took the entire bag with all our cellphones in it into the water ...Ooh my gosh. I went home and pulled the phone apart.

Then I put it in some rice. Then after it dried I used it for a few days. Then went to have it fixed because it started to malfunction. The technician told me that the mother board was damaged. I cried and I am still sad about it.

Then a Nokia5300. This phone was so cool. I loved the sliding ability of this phone and it was loud. I could listen to my favourite music and take cool pics.

I later bought a Nokia 5310 but was unsatisfied with the photo quality. What I liked about this phone was the ability to play radio because I loved music. The audio quality was good though.

I also owned a Nokia1100 at one point, I just cannot remember what happened to it. 

Nokia 3310.. I really wanted a Nokia 3310 but it was sold out all over the island. I couldn't believe it. Everyone who had that cellphone seemed to be so happy and overly excited about the fetures especially the cool ringtones.

"Annie Are You Ok" By: Michael Jackson was one of the top ringtones in our city. I was up online downloading ringtones for people everyday and entering the codes in their cellphones daily, yet I never owned a Nokia 3310. It had a long battery life and couldn't break no matter how many times it fell.


Nokia 6110

When Digicel first came to Jamaica, they had a two for one promotion on Nokia 6110. My mother bought a phone and recieved two. She gave one to her brother and automatically hers became mine.

Wooooow my first cellphone...Oohhh my gosh. I was so excited. I used it night and day. I called everyone I could call because at that time even the bicycle man and the handcart man now had a cell phone thanks to Digicel.

I used the phone  and I shared it with my boyfried until things got out of control I banned him from borrowing my cellphone. All these strange girls calling my phone thinking I was his sister. MY gooosh. 


My boyfriend bought me an Ericsson T10

I liked this phone very much because it was the first cellphone a guy ever bought for me. It was little and neat with nice ringtones.

It wasn't really a flip phone but had a flip cover with my favourite colour blue.

We broke up shortly after. Then when I was breaking up with my new boyfriend he decided that he should keep my cellphone as "Pension".

Oh my gosh what a strange world? Isn't the lady supposed to recieve material gifts for keepsake after ending a relationship?

How could he want to hold on to a cellphone that another gentleman bought for me? 

My Motorola razr even had a hit song in our country. We were going crazy for this hit sensation.

At parties, at clubs any and everywhere people were flipping out their Motorala Razrs.

I gave mine to my cousin as a gift. While travelling on the bus one day a pickpocket just eased it out of his pocket.Smh..tsk.tsk.


My dearly beloved Samsung Note 1717

This phone was like a mini computer a micro computer in fact. I liked it so much. My fiance got it for me as a gift for being well behaved.

Alas! in the heat of an argument a few months later I just slammmed my Samsung Galaxy Note into the ground and shattered the screen.

I was stupid. I did such a stupid thing. Do you know why it was such an awful thing to do?

I should never have destroyed it because the cost of a Samsung Galaxy Note screen costs more than the phone itself. Might as well I get a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or an iphone then or a new phone for that matter.

My Blu X8

Nice phone to have. It had an issue with storage and kept on deleting my favourite apps. The camera quality was good though. So I used it mostly for just checking emails , alarm clocks and taking photos.