May. 23, 2019

Labour Day Activity 2019

It was in my intention to remain at home and do massive house chores then Netflix and chill. Instead I chose to participate in an outreach project organised by TBC (The Breath of Change) Radio Jamaica.

We spent the day  in the community of Waterhouse. The activities for the day included  Spa services, Dental Health Education talks , Demonstrations, Medical checks including peadiatric services and immunization. 

People came out in their numbers to show their support and took advantage of the services being offered. The children were all so excited to be out with their family, friends and neighbours enjoying the cool breeze that graced their faces. 

To interact with the adults and children was a very rewarding experience. Although we were not able to perform dental procedures we were able to educate the patrons about proper brushing techniques, toothbrush selection and the importance of caring for the deciduous teeth.