Jan. 1, 2019

Happy New Year

My prayer for you in 2019 is for you to have a year filled with Blessings from God Almighty, great joy, good health, more love and prosperity.

As of this moment you have Amnesia and as a result you have forgotten about all the people who hurt, disappointed,decieved,sabotaged, cheated, scorned and refused to share your vision or even promote you.

You have forgotten your losses, mistakes and troubles. Today is a New Beginning. The first day of the rest of your life. Fill it with positivity, learn new things, grow and try harder to achieve your goals..

Along your journey towards achieving greatness, you will meet others who are struggling, please help them but stay focused on your mission. You will meet others who are already successful, be happy for them, learn from them and remain focused. Dont be too greedy or selfish.

Always remember to pray before you start your journey, pray while you are on your journey and most of all give thanks at the end..

Cheers to a year filled with unlimited opportunities in your favour..Yeah man..Jamaica no problem.