Jan. 5, 2018


So, you are now in upper school or just graduated from high school, enrolled in college  or left a job recently, cool.   After all of that you are still  not sure what career you want to pursue. Wow! You better think carefully about it because this is a critical decision which will affect the rest of your life and the people around you.  Do a research on yourself then interview yourself and make notes. This will help you to  find the job that best suits your character.


Find out more about yourself:


Are you a people person?


Do you like helping people?


Do you like communicating with people?


Are you shy or outspoken?


Do you have good problem solving or analytical skills?


Do you prefer speaking, reading, writing, listening or watching?


Do you work well with others as a team?


Do you enjoy working by  yourself?


Do you prefer to work supervised or unsupervised?


Do you like to wake up early or late in the morning?


Do you prefer to stand or to sit for long hours?


Do you prefer a quiet or noisy environment?


Do you prefer working on land , sea or in the air?


Do you like working with computers, money, paper,food, clothing, jewelry, buildings, machinery, chemicals or living things?


Do you prefer long or short working hours?


Do you like regular office hours or shifts?


Do you prefer morning, evening or night shift?


Do you prefer  hourly, daily,weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay?


Do you get bored easily?


Which job is most popular among your family members?


Do you want to be different?


What makes you special or stand out?


What are your talents?


What are your skills?


Are you an introvert or extrovert?


Can you still focus on work even when you are hungry?


Do you mind taking work home if you have to?


Do you prefer a small office or large organisation?


Are you more comfortable in office attire, casual wear or uniform?


Do you like travelling in and around your country or out of the country?


Do you like working for people?


Do you want to own a business?


Do you want to work in the government or private sector?


What are the top  100 Jobs listed for 2018?


Which jobs are essential today?

List the 10 ten jobs you definitely don’t want to do.


List the top 10 jobs you  like that you think would best fit  your personality.


Write down the advantages,disadvantages and average salary of each job listed.