Jan. 2, 2018

New Year Message

Yeaaaaahhh! You made it. How fantastic!  What type of  year  had  it been for you? You almost gave up, but you never gave up.  Did you get some of the things you wanted? Or you got what you needed? Did you get the job you wanted? Did you get better from an illness? Did you travel? Did you get into college? Did you buy the house or the car you wanted? Did you get married? Did you get divorced? Did you meet new friends? Did you get to spend enough time with your family? Were you kind to others? Did you forgive the people that made you upset? Did you make peace with others? Did you show love to others? Did you make good choices at least 65% of the time? Well whatever you did, or did not do, you have one more year to set your goals and achieve them.  It is said that " experience teacheth wisdom", so I hope you made some notes and learnt from your mistakes. If you took a chance and did something really good, then Cheers mate! 

Wow! For me last year was like riding the Kingda Ka rollercoaster  at 6 Flags. At some point it felt like the end of the world. Against all odds thank God Almighty I made it. Another day another year another chance to be better, to give love, to recieve love, to smile, to laugh, to make peace, to give thanks, to be thanked, to be kind, to recieve kindness and most of all to NOT repeat the same mistakes made last year.