Jun. 3, 2017

Understanding The Menu On The Radio In A Japanese Car

A few days ago my cousin purchased his first car. He was so excited and so was I. It was a 2012 Suzuki Swift and it was beautiful. He told me that the radio has Chinese settings and he wanted to reset the clock. I went inside the car just to check the radio, I discovered that the menu was in Japanese....Ohh My goosh I thought.. I saw symbols and characters I never saw before..We tried to seek help online but it was difficult. Looking through the manual was even more difficult , no English whatsoever.So he just paid a technician 12,000 to program the radio. 

I felt a bit sad that as an aspiring linguist I was unable to help my cousin figure out how to change the language settings on his radio to English. So I decided to learn some new Japanese vocabulary for car radios then post them so that others can learn too...Next it might be Korean🙂