Jan. 30, 2017

The Chair I Fear The Most

When I was a child I had a toothache. My parents took me to the Dentist. As I entered I could hear the screams of other children, then suddenly my toothache was gone. I could not convince my parents to take me home because the pain was gone. I could only think of one thing to do and it was to fall to the floor pretending to faint. I stopped my breath for a few minutes and before they could do CPR I jumped right back up. They were all so terrified my appointment was rescheduled. Many Many Many years later I went to have my teeth cleaned, I was terrified but the Hygienist Setina at Dental Associates Jamaica, applied a strawberry tasting gel to my gum and that was it, no pain, no discomfort. I had a smooth and easy cleaning. I am still afraid of the dental chair , extractions and fillings but I can always get my teeth cleaned.