Jan. 1, 2017


If you have lost your mind and you are not able to read or recognize anyone or anything right now, I am sorry to hear that, please take your medication and get well soon. If you battled through 2016 with illnesses, being hospitalized, demobilized, depressed, loss of home,  loss of a friend or loved one, loss of an organ or body part, been through hunger, been withought electricity, water troubles, unemployment , over due bills, prison, visa denial or being tricked by your employers,  just jump for joy. You made it through 365 days wow!  You are a champion. You are still alive, you have another year to make things right don't give up. Learn from your mistakes do not repeat them.  Forgive and forget about those that made you so upset. Be thankful for everything that you have. You have a purpose find it. Just try harder to be a better you. May 2017 be prosperous for you and your family.

 For those who had a wonderful year, got married, won the lottery,travelled, good job, healthy, family, good friends, good neighbours, passed exams,graduated, paid off loans, finally bought a home or got a home, bought a car or got a car, helped someone other than a relative,sealing that deal, got promoted, got healed from illness, going through treatment, lossed targeted weight, learned a new skill, living with a heart clean like a whistle and finally meeting with lost family or friends , CHEERS! You are champions. Continue to do good. Best wishes for the New Year to you all. Happy New Year.