Dec. 7, 2016


So, today we have CPR training scheduled for the entire day. I recieved my textbook about two weeks ago. I guess I was supposed to read ahead of training. Believe me, everytime I said.I was going to read the manual I found myself engaged in other activities. Then when I finally convinced myself to read it, I opened the book and after one paragraph, I suddenly feel my eyes closing and my head nodding. 

CPR training is very important to me because I want to save lives too. The thought of someone fainting beside me, and I not knowing what to do is scary. I am more interested in the practical segment of the training because that is the most critical part for me. Knowing what to do, when and why. I want to gain confidence in myself as a first aid provider.I believe everyone should know about basic life support and first aid so that when someone is in need of assistance we dont become camera men or news producers, we become life savers.