Nov. 27, 2016

Which Butter Is Missing?

Butter Fanatic

By: Tina Dooley

Ok ,so the toast is ready, where is the butter?
Sis ,you baked these cakes and used up Elle and Vire?
Oh my Olivio and Noisy, in the fridge there is no QBB.
You used My Barney Almond Smooth and Crunchy.
No Kates, Kerry Gold or Imperial,
Nor 365 Organic Almond and cereal.
For Grade AA, I need Smart Balance.
So I went for some Plugra and Tillamook from Lance.
He had no Flora, Chiffon, no Blue Band or German,
No Country Crock, no Clover, no Spar Choice or Spartan.
I want Country Life or Challenge ,Yeo!
Give me Anchor or Land O Lakes now!

Shur Fine dont make me late for school,
Pretz, Delitia, Straus, thats the rule.
Lurpak Spreadable,
Smjö incredible.
Marshs Australian, Western Star, pasadena,
Organic Valley, Devondale and Alta Dena.
For Maranatha i´m going all natural,
Toast without Les Coteaux is so unnatural.
I dont have Yotsuba or Dairy Fresh Margerine,
Fleischmanns , Danish Creamery or tangerine.

No breakfast, no toast with Breakstones,
I went to school with moans and groans.
With Berkleys Farm on my mind,
Countryside Creamy I could not find.
Cabot Natural Creamery really is nice,
Singapore Pure Creamery more than twice.
Dairy Magic Rich Creamy wow!
Stop and Shop Sweet Cream, I want it now!
Blue Bonnet yellow and red,
Artisana Almond in my head.
Great Value Unsalted had it before,
Farm Friend Salted I want more.

Super ! Finally a taste,
President! This, I could never waste.
Could it be butter? Not sure.
Butter its not, take more.
Unbelievable this is not butter, no way.
I cant believe its not butter, I must say.
Wow! I totally thought it was butter , still,
Youd think its butter, yes you will.
Its just like butter, satisfying my need.
This is not butter but its butterific indeed.
Youd butter believe it!