Nov. 14, 2016



My name is Tina. I am from Jamaica an Island in the Caribbean Sea. I started drawing Chinese characters on my skin when I was a teenager. I did not know what they meant but I just liked to see them. I started watching foreign films even when I did not understand what they were saying. I became obsessed with  foreign music and listened to them night and day. At one point when I was choosing carreers I thought about becoming a translator but I was never fluent in any languages except English. It took years to find out what my true talents were, up to this point I still dont know. All I know are my hobbies, the things I do everyday, the things I would like to do and the things I do not want to do. I really appreciate you taking time out to view my page. I hope we learn a lot from each other. I like learning about other people and culture it does not matter where in the world you are from or what you look like , whether or not you are talented or famous, juat as long as you are human..Haha Angels are welcome...What about you? What do you like?


Yours Sincerely