May. 24, 2020

Jamaica was the place to be last night. Beenie VS Bounty . Instagram live Verzuz Tv. We didn´t have to worry about not being able to go outside last night. We forgot about the stresses of 2020 and celebrated together the wonderful things we are blessed with in Jamaica Land We Love. The music, the culture and diverse people bursting with talent.

Last night we were only concerned about the speed of our internet connection, the heat from the fires blazing on Instagram and hoped that there were no power cuts by JPS to disrupt the Good Dance Vibes.

May. 20, 2020

They don´t understand the rules of social distancing at all and they don´t obey. So I just took them outside and left them to play, while I went back inside to stay all day.

May. 20, 2020

Well they survived the chocolate brownie saga. They are growing and it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep them inside with me. So I decided to take them outside for a walk. They were so excited they thought my neighbors garden was a forest. I couldn´t get them to leave.

May. 8, 2020

I am now responsible for feeding four puppies. They are about 5 weeks old and just started growing teeth. Their mother refuses to feed them. My assumption is that the puppies were biting her when she was feeding them.

I bought cowś milk, poured some into a poly-bag, tied the bag and started to feed them. I didn´t have baby bottles like what I saw on Youtube.

They seemed to enjoy the cowś milk a lot. Now that all the cows milk has been used up I have to try other alternatives.

I had some powdered milk. I mixed the powdered milk in a container and tried to make them drink it. I was literally holding their heads down over the milk for them to drink it because I was all out of cow´s milk.

Nope, they did not like the powdered milk mixed with water. I am wondering if it was too fresh or too sweet or just plain bitter.

I had chocolate brownies in my refrigerator, so I broke off a piece of brownie then broke it up into smaller pieces and made an attempt to feed the puppies.

To my surprise they ate it all up. I couldn´t believe it. After watching the puppies gobble up even the crumbs of the chocolate brownie, I remembered someone telling me that dogs should not eat chocolate because it would harm them.

Usually I would go on google to find out if it´s true. But right now I am too nervous to even ask my neighbour about it. Instead I prayed that the puppies would be ok and now I am here confessing my deeds.

Well it´s been about 15 minutes since I gave them the brownie to eat. No change in behavior recorded yet. They are actually sleeping at the moment.

Oook so I just googled the question, ¨Is Chocolate good for dogs? This is what came up from ¨¨.


¨Just a little bit of chocolate can cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs, while too much can cause seizures, irregular heart function and even death. Keep all chocolate off the table. The level of toxicity fluctuates depending on the type of chocolate.¨Jul 19, 2018

No Chocolate, No Avocado: 10 Foods Dogs Can't Eat

I wish there was a hot line for pets that we could call now that we can´t go out to the vets.