May. 19, 2019

Photo: Luis Quintero

May. 19, 2019

Yes, you heard it right. Father's day is fast aproaching and we have to ensure that we recognize these great men who play so many roles in our lives. Our fathers play the roles of:

Does your father play any of these roles in your life? What other role does your father play in your life?

One of the greatest things a father could ever do for his child or children is to love them and show them that he truly cares for them. When your father believes in you and supports you it's a wonderful feeling.

If your dad is successful at this never ending job of being a good father, do something special for your father this Father's day by showing him love and appreciation every single day.



Billy Graham

"A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society."


May. 14, 2019

How could I breathe without music? What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

May. 14, 2019
You Can Practice With Sheet Music

Have you ever considered playing in a Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band or even playing at a wedding, talent contest, church, school concert hall or fund raiser? You could even impress your loved ones by playing them some heart melting songs.

Age doesn't matter when it comes to music. Music has so many benefits, which include building the imagination and intellectual curiosity, developing language and reasoning and achieving mastery of memorization.

It is known that music can raise a person's mood, make people fall in love, make people happy, get people excited, or make them calm, relaxed and even sleepy. Music also allows us to feel nearly or possibly all the emotions that we experience in our lives. Music brings out the creativity in people. Some individuals love to study while listening to the sound of music.

I love music so much that I listen to all genres of music. Even the foreign ones , which most times I have absolutely no idea what they are saying. But the beat or the rhythm just have me bopping my head even without knowing. Music gives me energy when I have lots of chores to do. Music is my company when I go for a long drive .

Music makes me forget how hard i'm working out at the gym or for how long i've been jogging or walking. It even makes me forget sometimes that I must only sing in the shower and that I must not dance in public even when my dancing is fabulously, creatively different,lol. Can't dance.

Whenever I have insomnia I just play some bamboo flute music, with the sounds of the ocean and raindrops.

After a horrible day at work I just select my favorite playlist and I'm good. To start the day I have my ready set go music playlist. I bought an electronic keyboard in order to learn how to play sheet music. I labelled all the keys from A to G. What's next?

Apr. 10, 2019

Hidden Fist Karate School - As an alternative to going to the gym or aerobics , I have decided to continue with my martial arts training. Im still not sure if im really really going to do it. Its been a while since I paused my training. Now most of the children in my city are asking their parents to sign them up. I think I will just observe for a while then start some stretching then give it a try.