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Tina Dooley



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Title Change

On Friday May 25, 2019

The Language Learners Club -English Blogazine Promoting Language Learning and Cultural exchange was changed to , "The Acrolect Connection-Cultural Awareness Through Language and Communication".

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Anniversary - November 13,2017

Anniversary Celebration Giveaways

Our first anniversary will be celebrated on November 13, 2017. It is amazing how fast time flies and how much we can achieve by making the first step towards achieving our goals. In celebration of our anniversary we have special gifts for the first 30 people who liked and commented on  our website and  for others who visited frequently or promoted our website. You may send us your shipping or mailing address via email in order to facilitate the delivery of your tokens. Thank you all for your continued support. May God Bless you all.


Bilingual English/Chinese  book

The book gives an introduction to English and Chinese conversations organized in a simple manner with grammar, vocabulary and  a brief introduction to the Jamaican dialect.

This will be available in E-book format and PRINT. 🙂