Jul. 8, 2019

Website Translation Tools

Do you currently own or operate a website?  Would you like to improve communication in multiple languages and grow your international network?

 Bablic  website localization solution, a one-stop platform to easily create a localized experience for every visitor in any language.

They are experts in breaking down  language barriers and making communication a lot easier and faster for people. 

Although the process is fully automated,  customers have full flexibility when it comes to content translation . 

You can choose and combine machine, manual, or professional translation to deliver information in multiple languages and improve services to international clients.

The integration is as easy as copy/pasting a small code snippet into your website. No programming or technical skills are required.

After that you are in full control of your users’ multilingual experience, and with a click you can publish/unpublish languages to your live website.

Choose between Pro, Plus, Basic, and Free options, available as a monthly or annual subscriptions. Custom enterprise solutions are designed on request.

All plans include Visual Editor, Automatic Content Detection, Responsive Site Editing, and Dynamic Content Support.